Beneficial Technologies projects and work done by the team

Evaluation of the Eastern Cape Agricultural Economic Transformation Strategy 

Project thumbnailThe provincial government of the Eastern Cape contracted a research team to evaluate the outcomes of their strategies to transform agriculture. The government had a particular focus on creating opportunities for black people and women to become commercial farmers. 
Partner/clientEastern Cape Office of the Premier; Fort Hare Institute for Social and Economic Research 
Bentec leadFemke Brandt 
Bentec roleGeneral research, policy analysis. Specific focus on gender dynamics. Research presentation and policy recommendations. 
Time periodMarch – November 2019 
OutcomeReport presentation to the Premier and members of the provincial executive. 

Research into water justice in South Africa

Project thumbnailWriting a report of three Water Justice Roundtables that brought more than forty organisations together to develop a people’s plan for water justice. 
Partner/clientBlue Planet Project, Council of Canadians 
Bentec leadRonald Wesso 
Bentec roleResearch and writing
Time periodFebruary – June 2020  
OutcomeIn progress

Training in verbal communication and public speaking for business and economics students

Project thumbnailProviding a six week comprehensive course of in-person and on-line training in public speaking and verbal communication to business and economics graduate students.
Partner/clientSUN Academy, University of Amsterdam  
Bentec leadFemke Brandt 
Bentec roleTrainer
Time periodOn-going 
OutcomeStudents develop skills for personal and professional communication. 

Documenting ten years of the Right to Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty Campaign

Project thumbnailWriting a booklet documenting the struggles and campaigns of the Food Sovereignty Campaign. The booklet covered a ten year period from 2008 and a range of issues from land struggles, policy intervention, popular education, feminism and agro-ecology.  
Partner/clientSurplus People Project; Food Sovereignty Campaign 
Bentec leadRonald Wesso 
Bentec roleResearch and writing
Time periodJanuary – May 2020  
OutcomePublished booklet: Ten years of the Right to Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty Campaign

Researching resistance and organising strategies of farm and labour broker workers

Project thumbnailA long term, in-depth anthropological study of farm workers in rural areas and labour broker workers in urban areas. The study has a specific focus on the agency of workers as they cope with farm conversions to game farming, the externalisation and fragmentation of labour, securitisation of the workplace, hyper-patriarchy and the distancing of the mainstream trade unions from them. 
Partner/clientVrije Universiteit; Centre for African Studies, UCT; University of  Johannesburg; various academic journals; Brill Publishers 
Bentec leadFemke Brandt 
Bentec roleResearch and writing
Time period2006 – on-going 
OutcomePhd thesis; various journal articles; book chapters; an edited book

Deepening knowledge regarding the funders and drivers behind extractive industries 

Project thumbnailResearch into extractives industries in Honduras, Zimbabwe and Indonesia to inform and enable greater leverage for women human rights defenders. Developing publicity materials and popular education drawn from the research.
Partner/clientCount Me In! Consortium
Bentec leadRonald Wesso 
Bentec rolePopular education design consultant
Time periodMay – September 2020
OutcomeIn progress