• Popular or participatory education? In my work as a popular educator I often struggle with the tension between the different ways popular education is understood. The many views can be located between two poles. People on the first pole would see popular education as a method to support self-mobilisation of oppressed communities for … Continue reading BlogRead more
  • COVID realities: shifting boundaries
    By femke@bentec There is a lot of boundary shifting happening in geographical, professional and in social terms. How does this affect human behaviour and habits?  Due to lockdown measures such as curfews, social distancing and working from home, most connecting is taking place within the confines of the home. Homes … Continue reading BlogRead more
  • Zoom teaching: background reflections
    By femke@bentec Imagine a university classroom with 15 students sitting in a circle. The students are surrounded by blank walls, tables, a whiteboard and perhaps a projector. Some will be watching their phones screens, some sit with their legs crossed, some talk about an upcoming assignment deadline and others might … Continue reading BlogRead more
  • Herd immunity
    By ronald@bentec  A recent news report about the Covid-19 pandemic states that “Herd immunity means letting a large number of people catch a disease, and hence develop immunity to it, to stop the virus spreading.” This concept of herd immunity has become popular and even dominant, judging from my social … Continue reading BlogRead more
  • Covid-19 – research, knowledge and belief
    By ronald@bentec The novel coronavirus frames this time. It is challenging us to rethink or restate what we know and how we know it. I am, for one, a true believer in the value of research as a source of knowledge, but the debates have shown me the importance of … Continue reading BlogRead more